Welcome to the premier issue of Modern Optometry! As Modern Optometry’s Co-Chief Medical Editors, we are very excited to be involved with this forward-thinking publication and are enthusiastic about identifying and covering issues that could affect the way you practice today and in years to come. Between the two of us, we offer a diverse set of experiences working in OD-only practices with a focus on medical eye care and in surgical practices.

Shaped by multiple forces in a changing health care landscape and driven by exciting innovations, the optometric profession is evolving at an accelerated pace. Our field offers significant challenges and many rewards, which require a collaborative spirit and the sharing of quality information to achieve progress.

Looking ahead, the number of ophthalmologists in the United States is expected to remain relatively flat through 2025, whereas the number of optometrists is expected to see a healthy increase. During this time, the number of patients requiring cataract surgery or intravitreal injections will increase considerably, so demand will outweigh supply and MDs will need to spend more time performing surgery. This scenario opens opportunities for ODs to become more involved in the medical side of eye care. Modern Optometry has been developed to serve as a resource for members of the OD community who are interested in pursuing this opportunity. We are hopeful that readers will leverage relevant, timely content from trusted experts in the field who share their experience and expertise in the pages of this publication.

We’re starting things off in this premier issue with an insightful cover focus on the future of optometry and a subfocus on the medical mode of optometry. Also be sure to check out the bonus feature on allergy diagnosis and treatment and the assortment of regular columns that will appear in each issue.

In addition, Collaborative Eye, which launched in 2018 as a digital publication, will now appear as a dedicated section inside each issue of Modern Optometry. If you’re looking to further your surgical knowledge and learn more about establishing, maintaining, and improving interactions with MDs, then you’ll want to look to this section on a regular basis.

In future issues we will delve into other important topics, including business strategies for the medical model, signs of retinal disorders, how to recognize systemic disease, the latest in therapeutics, and much more. We intend to take a well-rounded approach, examining the medical, operational, and patient-centric aspects of optometry.

Thank you for taking a look at our first issue. We hope you will proactively share any content you find to be of particular interest or use while working with your peers. Most important, we want to hear from you, the practitioners on the front lines, about the challenges you are facing, the questions you have, the new lessons learned, the best practices you’ve developed, or key takeaways from research you are pursuing or have completed. Contact us via email at modernOD@bmctoday.com. Our mission is for Modern Optometry to be a relevant resource that is representative of the current and future state of our profession. We are eager to start our journey with this new publication and are grateful for your interest and feedback.