There's a storm brewing ...

Starting September 1st, VSP will be cutting doctor reimbursements in half if the doctor doesn't prescribe VSP, Hoya, or Zeiss brand lenses (aka "preferred brands").

Wait, why?

According to VSP, the company needs to make strategic adjustments to increase its ability to win and retain contracts that put patients in its providers' practices. "That means adding value for clients with several plans and controlling costs in our formulary so we can better compete for vision care contracts."

Give me a real-life example of this new lens formulary.

If a patient with VSP insurance wants an Essilor ("non-preferred") product, the patient will pay the same amount, but the doctor will be reimbursed 50% less.

Who isn't happy about this?

Doctors. Many feel that if a "non-preferred" lens is selected the patient should absorb that extra cost, not the doctor.

Who feels they aren't getting fairly represented?

VSP. The company sent a strongly worded email to all VSP providers and even created a website to give us the facts.


Are there any new treatments for dry eye?

Yes! Olympic Ophthalmics just received FDA clearance for iTEAR100.

What is iTEAR100?

It's a prescription neurostimulation technology that temporarily increases acute tear production in adults.

How does it work?

It's a pocket-size device that is applied to the skin of the external nasal region for 30 seconds or less. Its application stimulates the trigeminal nerve, which results in activation of the parasympathetic nerve pathway, which controls tear film homeostasis.

Don't we have something like this already?

You're thinking of TrueTear. One main difference between the two is that TrueTear is placed inside the nose.

Are there any side effects?

The most common adverse effect in clinical trials was headache and dizziness in 2% to 3% of patients. (via)


3 Million.

The number of eyes treated with SMILE worldwide. (via)

2 Million.

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the United States. (via)

Black Eyecare Perspective.

Listen to black eye care professionals share their experiences with racism and bias here.

Do you love talking about Demodex?

Me too. Listen to this!