Talk to me about treatment options for Demodex.

There is a new one on the horizon called TP-03.

What is TP-03?

It's an eye drop, dosed BID for 28 days, that targets the nervous system of the Demodex mite, causing paralysis and death.

Has it been evaluated in any studies?

Yes, researchers just announced positive results from the phase 2a Mars study.

When will it be available?

We have a little bit to go. The company will begin phase 3 trials later this year. (via)

In other news:

Hydroxychloroquine is no longer a hot commodity.
The FDA revoked an emergency approval for use of the malaria drug as a COVID-19 treatment. (via)


Are there any new treatments for retinitis pigmentosa?

There are a couple in the works.
First up, Bionic Sight announced that it has dosed the first patient in its phase 1/2 clinical trial of BS01, an optogenetic gene therapy for patients with the rare genetic disorder.

What is an optogenetic gene therapy?

Optogenetic proteins act essentially as converters; they receive light and convert it into neural signals. Bionic Sight’s therapy delivers the optogenetic proteins to the optic nerve, which sends the signals to the brain. (via)

Who else is working on RP?

A research team from Trinity College and University College London. This research used stem cell engineering to create mini retinas that contained a defective version of the RP2 gene, which is found to be mutated in patients with retinitis pigmentosa. The researchers used a modified common virus to deliver a normal functioning copy of the RP2 gene into the mini retina.

How did that go?

Their research showed that these mini retinas had successfully taken up the functioning RP2 gene following the viral delivery and produced the essential protein associated with it, which is critical in RP. (via)



The number of firework-related ocular emergencies seen in US emergency departments during a 19-year study period. (via)


The number of consumers who report that they are likely to return to physical brick-and-mortar optical and optometry retailers after COVID-19. (via)

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