The port system is moving right along.

Genentech announced positive results from its phase 3 Archway study evaluating the Port Delivery System (PDS) with ranibizumab (Lucentis).

Tell me about the port.

The port is an implantable, refillable reservoir system that sits under the conjunctiva in the pars plana and is designed to gradually release ranibizumab. Here is a picture to help you visualize that. The device is implanted during a relatively simple surgical procedure, performed in the OR, and is refilled as an in-office procedure using a special needle.

Who is this port for?

The phase 3 trial evaluated the port in two groups of patients: those with diabetes and macular edema and those with wet AMD.

What is one big takeaway from these new positive results?

The Archway trial showed that patients with wet AMD who were implanted with this port and received refills every 6 months achieved visual acuity outcomes equivalent to those receiving monthly ranibizumab injections.

Could it be a game changer?

Yes. The system could result in a significant reduction in injections because it allows for continuous delivery of ranibizumab, which can allow patients to potentially go several months before needing a refill of the implant. In the phase 2 trial for patients with wet AMD, nearly 80% of patients in the port arm were able to go 6 months or longer between the implant of the device and the first required refill. (via) (via)


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