August is Children's Eye Health and Safety Month.

The National Center for Children’s Vision and Eye Health at Prevent Blindness has released an updated version of the report “Children’s Vision and Eye Health: A Snapshot of Current National Issues.”

What are some highlights in the new report?
  • In 2020, 40 states mandated some type of vision screening for school-age children and 26 states required vision screening for preschool-age children.
  • Uncorrected refractive errors in infants and preschool-age children are associated with clinically identified deficits in cognitive and visual-motor functions that may, in turn, have a negative effect on school readiness.
  • • 39% of all children 5 years of age and younger had ever had their vision tested with pictures, shapes, or letters, and 86% of children aged 6 to 11 had their vision tested with pictures, shapes, or letters within the past 2 years. (via)

Read the full report here.


I refuse to wear a mask, will you still see me?

A Medscape article, written by an attorney, offers help on how to respond in a way that won't get you sued.

The questions:

If a patient refuses to wear a mask and you ask him or her to leave without being seen, can you be accused of patient abandonment?
In this attorney's view, refusing to see a patient unless he or she wears a mask is not denying care, but rather establishing reasonable conditions for getting care. The patient simply needs to put on a mask. You could also send the patient home and offer a return visit when masked or when the pandemic is over.

Alternatively, you can offer a telehealth visit.

If you allow the patient to stay, could you be liable for negligence by exposing others to a deadly illness?
The short answer is ‘yes.’ The author states that those who run medical offices and facilities have a duty to provide reasonably safe public spaces. Unmasked individuals are a risk to others nearby, and so this is considered negligence if a practice fails to impose safety measures.

What about the patient who refuses to wear a mask for medical reasons?
A medical office is the perfect place to test an individual's ability or inability to breathe well while wearing a mask. "Put the mask on and we'll see how you do" is a reasonable response. Monitor the patient visually and apply a pulse oximeter while he or she has the mask off and on.


Zenni has secured a baseball team.

Zenni Optical will become the official eye wear of the Boston Red Sox. (via)

Need a gift for a glasses-wearing LEGO lover?

Here you go.

Eye protection optional!

According to the National Federation of State High School Associations, goggles are no longer mandatory for field hockey players. One of the reasons cited was that ”no significant research data has indicated that goggles have reduced the number of eye injuries, particularly those of a catastrophic nature.” (via)

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