The BLINK randomized clinical trial — let's talk about it.

A new study published in JAMA examined multifocal add powers and myopia progression. The study aimed to determine whether soft multifocal contact lenses with a high add power slow myopia progression more than medium add power or single-vision contact lenses.

Tell me about this trial.

The trial included 294 children between the ages of 7 and 11 with −0.75 D to −5.00 D of spherical component myopia and less than 1.00 D astigmatism. The children were randomly assigned to wear either high add power soft lenses (Biofinity +2.50 D, n = 98), medium add power soft lenses (Biofinity +1.50D, n = 98), or spherical Biofinity soft lenses (n = 98). The primary outcome was the 3-year change in spherical equivalent cycloplegic autorefraction.

What did they find?

Treatment with high add power multifocal lenses significantly reduced the rate of myopia progression over 3 years compared with medium add power multifocal and single-vision contact lenses. (via)


Is it safe for my child to wear contacts?

Yes, and they seem to do just as well as adults. A retrospective study examined soft contacts lens wear in kids between the ages of 8 and 17. The chart review included 963 children and the authors aimed to measure the rate of adverse events in this population.

What were considered the "adverse events"?

They included microbial keratitis, contact lens peripheral ulcers, contact lens acute red eye, infiltrative keratitis, contact lens papillary conjunctivitis, and other more minor adverse events.

What did they find?

The adverse events in children were low and comparable to established rates in adults.

The take home:

More children are being fit with contacts as a form of myopia control. This study sheds additional light on the safety profile of soft contact lens wear in children. (via)


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