AMD and a link to skin cancer.

A new study published in Retina found a possible correlation between patients with AMD and skin cancer.

Tell me about the study.

The authors from the Mayo Clinic reviewed the medical records of patients with both dry and wet AMD between the years 2004-2013. They were broken into three groups:
-patients with wet AMD (473 total)
-patients dry AMD (504 total)
-patients without AMD (504 total)

What did they find?

The rate of skin cancer was higher in patients with wet AMD compared to patients with dry AMD and no AMD. Also of note, patients with wet AMD incurred an increased rate of overall malignancies compared to patients with dry AMD and no AMD.

The take home.

This is the first paper to find a link between AMD and skin cancer. The authors state, "patients with AMD with suspicious cutaneous lesions should undergo formal dermatologic evaluation. Similarly, physicians should include a dilated exam to rule out AMD as part of their evaluation when examining skin cancer patients with visual symptoms.” (via)


Is there a cheaper option for Lotemax?

Yes. Loteprednol just went generic!
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Researchers found that Google was able to detect a conjunctivitis outbreak before an official reported outbreak was made based on Google search data. (via)

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Speaking of social media...

May is Ultraviolet Awareness Month. (via)

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