Remind me, what is the Contact Lens Rule?

The Fairness to Contact Lens Consumer Act of 2003 has been in place since 2004. It requires that doctors give the patient a copy of their contact lens prescription and regardless of where the patient purchases contacts, they will receive the exact same prescription that was prescribed.

What are some proposed changes to this rule?

There are a few but some highlights are:
1. Providers must meet the Confirmation of Prescription Release requirement. This requirement means the provider must prove that the patient received a copy of their contact lens prescription. The patient will either need to acknowledge they received the Rx by signing a form or the prescription can be given electronically. Providers must also keep a copy of this signed acknowledgment for three years.
2. It's attempting to end the incomplete or incomprehensible automated telephone verification messages.

Read the full details here and for a nice breakdown on the proposed changes, click here.

Legislative Update.

The governor of Maryland just signed a bill that expands the scope of practice for OD's in Maryland. Read the details of the bill here.


Can you tell if I have Alzheimer's disease? 

Researchers have historically been looking at the retina to answer this question but a new study was presented at ARVO last week where a research team is looking at biomarkers in the tears.

Tell me about the study.

The small study consisted of 25 patients with either Alzheimer's disease, mild cognitive impairment, or subjective cognitive impairment along with nine healthy controls. They measured the tear biomarker level of total-tau and Aβ42.

What did they find?

The authors included 686 fellow eyes with dry AMD at baseline. They analyzed the OCT images, genetic testing, and demographic information.

"The results confirmed that the levels of tear total-tau and Aβ42 changed with increasing Alzheimer's disease stage. They discovered a significant increase in total-tau in tears of Alzheimer's disease patients compared with subjective cognitive impairment patients and mild cognitive impairment patients."

The results are promising but the authors state that studies with larger sample sizes are required to confirm these results. (via)


Get this man to an eye doctor immediately.

Houston Rockets basketball player James Harden said during a press conference that he "can barely see" after getting hit in both eyes Tuesday. (via)