Want to diagnose Demodex? Use more mag.

A new study shows that rather than using a light microscope to detect Demodex, mites can be visualized by using the slit lamp and a 90 D lens.

Tell me more.

The study published in Cornea included 16 patients with blepharitis and cylindrical dandruff. Two lashes from each patient were epilated, mounted on a slide, and viewed with the slit lamp and a 90 D lens. The slides were then viewed under a microscope to confirm the presence of Demodex. The ability to determine the presence of mites with only slit-lamp examination was 91.4%.

How do I use the slit lamp to do this exactly?

In the study, the epilated lashes were placed on a glass slide and a drop of fluorescein was added. A coverslip was mounted on each slide and attached with an adhesive tape to prevent slippage. The slides were placed on a strip of white paper (to serve as a clear background) and examined under a slit lamp with a 90 D lens to achieve better visualization. The presence and number of mites was documented.

The take home:

You don't need a light microscope to visualize Demodex. Demodex infestation in patients with blepharitis and cylindrical dandruff can be confirmed using only a slit lamp and common eye clinic equipment.


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No need!! These two prescription allergy drops are now available OTC!

What else do I need to know?

There is a slight name change. Alcon will market Patanol as "Pataday Twice Daily Relief" and Pataday as "Pataday Once Daily Relief."

When will my patients see it on the shelf?

March 2, just in time for the start of spring allergy season. It will be available in all major drug, food, and mass market retailers, as well as through online retailers.


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The amount of money raised for the Be My Eyes app that connects low vision and blind patients with sighted people who can give visual assistance through a video call.



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