COVID-19 updates.

In this unprecedented time, everyone is scrambling to put together helpful resources for optometrists. I'm going to highlight a few of them here. This is in addition to the resources I highlighted last week.

Buying groups have put out useful information for all optometrists, regardless of membership. For example, IDOC has a good FAQ and PECAA has an excellent resource center.

Business Loans. A relief bill for optometrists is in the works and includes “forgivable” small business loans (more details here).

Student Loans. Student loan interest is being waived for Federal loans and payments on these loans are suspended for 60 days. (Read about it here).

AOA members. The AOA is waiving all dues for 2 months.

Need a mask? Avenova is selling them on its website.

Is tonometry safe during the COVID-19 pandemic? A new study suggests suspending the use of NCT given the potential source of microaerosol formation.

Are you open? Are you still being paid?
Here are results from the survey last week as well as live-time results of the impact of COVID-19 on optometry practices across the nation.


Can my pink eye be from COVID-19?

Yes, it is possible.

Conjunctivitis can be found in 1% to 3% of patients with COVID-19. This comes from a report published on March 26th by the American Academy of Ophthalmology. The report suggests that the virus can cause a mild follicular conjunctivitis otherwise indistinguishable from other viral causes and can possibly be transmitted by aerosol contact with conjunctiva.

What to look out for:

Patients who present with conjunctivitis who also have fever and respiratory symptoms including cough and shortness of breath and who have recently traveled internationally, particularly to areas with known outbreaks (eg, China, Iran, Italy, and South Korea, or to hotspots within the United States), or with family members recently back from one of these areas, could represent cases of COVID-19. (via)


Stay healthy everyone.
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